Straits Creative is a digital marketing and creative agency with over fifteen years of experience in developing brands and strategic marketing programs in the US, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we are a one-stop-shop from the brand and product strategy to creating and implementing websites and digital marketing programs.

At Straits Creative, we approach every project methodically from the unique perspective of our brands and clients. Each visual design and code we create is deliberate and has a purpose. At the crux of things is a solid marketing foundation, a process-oriented, systematic, and cost-effective approach that ensures we achieve real business results with an emphasis on engagement and conversion.

We take great pride in clearly defining the desired outcomes for each initiative. We measure everything we do so you will see a return on your investment. You should expect a high level of detail and accountability when working with us. Businesses that have partnered with us have grown and have seen significant gains due to our branding and performance marketing programs.


Behind Straits Creative is a collaborative team of graphic designers and UI/ UX designers working towards translating your business objectives into engaging content for both offline and online consumption. High-performing content is central to digital marketing execution. We embed a strong content strategy across a full stack of digital marketing solutions with conversion at the top of mind.


Right from the start, we define the right strategy to maximise ROI. Let us help you build your marketing strategy by targeting the right audience profile and creating campaigns that can emotionally connect with your potential customers. Our recommendations and decision-making are based on research and consumer insights. We employ research tools that help us properly assess your industry and business. We provide a holistic competitive landscape scan and evaluate your existing online and offline marketing assets versus competition. From there, we will identify key performance indicators to determine the effectiveness of our marketing programs.


We create performance-driven programs that clearly articulate your brand story. We monitor marketing programs to uncover opportunities and game-changing ideas by using real-time dashboards and industry best practices such as Google Analytics, Lighthouse, search engines, social media report insights and more. In addition, we use social listening to help improve the content and our programs. We collaborate with our clients to discover new concepts and rediscover business strengths.



For over 18 years, Tisha has helped businesses develop comprehensive strategies to drive demand, market share growth and revenue. She has implemented successful integrated marketing programs built on consumer insights, data, analytics, and innovation. Tisha draws her experience from Southeast Asia conglomerate San Miguel Corporation and Mintel Global Market Research. At Choose Coffee or Code, she works with a team of dedicated professionals who share her passion for creativity to drive business growth for MNCs and SMEs.

An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, Tisha has delivered creative solutions to clients across numerous industries—food, beverage, research, retail and commerce, real estate, finance, coaching, education and the medical device industry. She currently lives in Singapore.


Mars has over two decades consulting C-suite executives and CIOs in digital transformation. A programmer, lawyer, and entrepreneur, his chief product is Apptitude — a patent-owning platform compliant with Philippine Supreme Court regulations on mandatory continuing education. He consults for law firms and enterprises in the nascent field of digital policy execution. He builds tools related to legal research and is the founding chairman of Legal Tech Philippines, a non-stock, non-profit organization that seeks to bridge the gap between law and technology for both regulators and industries.


Sid manages Choose Coffee or Code’s strategic technology direction, development, and future growth. He leads the team in the implementation of innovative solutions while optimising existing systems, applications, and information.

Sidney Zosa, Jr. is a veteran full-stack developer and CTO of wallet startup Paytaca. He is ranked by Upwork as Top-Rated, with 100% job success completion, logging over 8000 hours of work. A selftaught programmer, he has extensive expertise in ASP.NET core and various Javascript frameworks ranging from Durandal to React. In two decades of programming, he has trained dozens to reach intermediate levels of expertise, despite his trainees not having undergone formal computer education. In his spare time, he builds automated self-hosted tools.